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The Lord of the Rings PDF Complete Download
You can download The Lord of the Rings PDF Complete from this page. We have searched its links on the web. That we have shared here with you guys. This high fantasy novel is one of the most popular fantasy stories of the English literature. Its above 150 million copies have sold all around the world that makes it one of the best selling novels in the world.

Its author was J. R. R. Tolkien, who first wrote a novel with the title of The Hobbit in 1937. This novel was widely appreciated by the readers. Therefore, Tolkien further developed this extraordinary work. However, it took a long time to get completed as it published in 1949.

Download link to The Lord of the Rings PDF Complete

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Paper Towns PDF by John Green Free Download
The Paper Towns PDF book is available on some websites. We have found its links on the web that we will share today. Furthermore, we will also take a short review of this Edgar award winning English novel. It is a young adult, mystery novel. The author of this novel is a young and well known American named John Green. Dutton Books, the publishers in the USA, published Paper Towns in 2008. It has remained in 5th position on the  New York Times bestseller list.

A short review of the English novel Paper Towns PDF

The main character of Paper Towns PDF is Quentin JacobsenQ”. He is also the protagonist of the story. The other main character is Margo Roth Spiegelman. They are not only best friends but they are also neighbors. Therefore they spent together most of their time. In their childhood, one day both kids see a dead body of a man who killed himself. Here the plot changes and the story takes you to the present time.

Now both friends are living separately. One night Margo comes to meet with Q. She tells him about some selfish people. They destroyed her life. Now she wants to take the revenge so she needs his help. Q agrees with her and they start this task. But Margo suddenly disappears while they were on sea world. This makes Q worried about her. Q thinks that Margo might commit a suicide. He does his best efforts to find her. Finally, he gets her in a small town. But Q comes back because he seriously realizes that Margo wants to live alone and hidden.

Paper Towns PDF has also been included for reading in several schools. This novel has also got some very positive remarks from readers and critics. However, due to some parents' requests it had been excluded from the middle school reading list. Parents had the  objection on its sexual content. However, in spite of this it was again restored. The story is excellent and it is also praised by the readers who like mystery literature.

Link to Paper Towns PDF

We have searched its link on the web that we are sharing here. Visit the following link to download Paper Towns PDF.

50 Shades of Grey PDF e.l. James Free download
Today we will share the download link of the bestseller English novel 50 shades of grey PDF. It has been written by the famous author E. L. James. While it published in 2011.  E. L. James first published it in the shape of an eBook. Later, it was published by Vintage Books in 2011. With more than one hundred million copies sold around the world, it is a bestseller. This wonderful novel broke many of the previous sales records.

Review of the English novel 50 Shades of Grey PDF

The Fifty Shades trilogy has three parts and this is the first one. The titles of the other two novels are: 50 Shades Darker and 50 Shades Freed. It is a sexually arousing and a romantic novel. This novel describes the story of the love relations of the present age. You will read a deep love and romantic relation between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

Anastasia, who is also the protagonist of the story is a young beautiful and charming girl. She is a collage student who thinks and feels so real about everything. She is also a virgin, so she doesn't have enough knowledge about men and their behavior. Anastasia doesn't know anything about BDSM. Either, it is wrong or right. On the other hand, Grey is a young and wealthy businessman who is also very handsome. He is a man with different erotic tastes.

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During their intense and romantic love affair, Anastasia realizes some hidden facts about Grey. She also feels about her own hidden wishes that she didn't know before. We can't say that 50 Shades of Grey PDF is a great literary work, however the romance has been described in the novel is really interesting. The amazing chemistry of love and romance between Grey and Ana keeps the reader engaged and makes it a quick page turner.

Although this novel is widely criticized by the critics and some serious readers for the erotic segments described in it. But there are also a huge number of readers who liked it. This is not suitable for the kids and teenagers because it clearly 
describes some sexual procedures like BDSM.

Links to 50 Shades of Grey PDF

We have found its link on the web. Just visit the following site to download 50 shades of grey PDF.

Emotional Intelligence By Daniel Goleman PDF Download
Today we are going to share the download link of the English book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman in PDF format. It is a magnificent self help book. It was also a best seller. This wonderful book is very popular among the readers all over the world.

Some more details of the English book Emotional Intelligence By Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman is a great author and always presents the thought-provoking content. This book consists of 384 pages. The publication date was January 11, 2012. In this useful book the author Daniel Goleman has explained that the emotional intelligence plays a great role in human success more than our IQ level. You will learn everything about emotional intelligence in this book. 

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The Power PDF by Rhonda Byrne 
The Secret Book PDF by Rhonda Byrne 
The Power of Habit 

Link of the book emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman

We have searched its links on the web for you. You can download this marvelous book by visiting the below link.

If I Stay PDF English Novel Free Download
We have shared a download link of the wonderful English novel If I Stay PDF version below this post. This heart touching novel describes the story about love and family. The name of the author is Gayle Forman. This book published in 2009. The author is famous for writing about the topics that relate to the younger generation.

Some more details about the English novel If I Stay PDF by Gale Forman

The plot explores the theme of life and death. The protagonist is a teenage girl named Mia. Her parents and a younger brother died in an accident, she was the only one who could survive. But now she has gone in coma.

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While in a coma, she feels an amazing experience. She is able to see everything around her. While she also realizes that she is being given an option to choose one thing, life or death. A life where her love is waiting for her and the death, where she can meet with her parents. But seems like this is not an easy decision for her. 

At this time, she recalls her memory and remembers her past times so that she could take better decision. What will be her decision? Just read this excellent novel to know. 

This book is a special gift for the readers who have a sensitive heart and mind. Those who care their family and always remain worried about their loved ones. Readers from all around the world have really praised this novel. Its wonderful characters and a truly nice story will be remembered for a long time.

A wonderful read The Future Of The Mind  

Download Link to If I Stay PDF by Gale Forman

We have found its download link on the web that we have shared below. Just visit the site below to get the eBook of If I Stay PDF.

The Power of Habit PDF Free eBook Download
You can download one of the New York Times bestsellers The Power of Habit PDF. Its publication date is 28th of February, 2012. The name of the author is Charles Duhigg. He is a famous business reporter and also a Pulitzer prize winner.

A short review of The Power of Habit PDF book

This magnificent self help book explains about the human habits. While the author also teaches that how these habits work and how we should overcome on them.

The complete title of the book is The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business. After its publication it remained on The New York Times bestseller lists for sixty weeks. This is the book that every good books lover should read. When you will read it, you will realize that most of your actions in daily routine life are automatic. 

Duhigg nicely explains that our brain responses automatically  as per our environment where we live. 

The powerful lessons of The Power of Habit force us  to think deeply about our habits. Readers remain amazed that why they didn't think about this before. In addition, this wonderful book also provides the readers several unique and really useful points that enable them to understand why we do what we do.

Download link of the book

Below is the link that we have found on the web. So we are sharing here. Enjoy...

The Future Of The Mind PDF Free Download
The future of the mind PDF download link is available on this page. We have shared its link below for educational purpose. You can get this excellent book if you want to gain knowledge. It is very popular among the readers who love to study science and related topics. Its publishers was Doubleday. They published it in 2014.

The Future Of The Mind PDF Download link 

The Secret Book PDF by Rhonda Byrne Free DownloadToday we are sharing here the download link of the secret book PDF. It is a wonderful and very popular self help English book. This 2006 best seller is written by the famous author Rhonda Byrne. More than 19 million copies sold worldwide proves that how much this book has been liked. There are forty four translations of this masterpiece available in different languages.

A short review of the secret book PDF 

The Secret book nicely describes about the self-help experiences. Readers will learn very well about the law of attraction. After reading it you will come to know that how to improve your life by thinking positive. It will give you more relaxation and happiness. You will get success in every field of life. You become a changed person. While negative thinking always gives you its opposite results. 

There are several amazing lessons have also been described in this book. To explain the law of attraction, Rhonda Byrne gives the readers, many examples of some successful people of the world. She also suggests some excellent strategies to improve your daily life. 

Although it got a huge popularity, however it has also been criticized by several critics and readers. They accuse that this book tangles with the principles of all major religions. In spite of this, the Secret book was at the top of The New York Times bestseller list in 2007. 

An excerpt from the book about the Law of attraction  

"The law began at the beginning of time. It has always been and will always be. It is the law that determines the complete order in the Universe, every moment of your life, and every single thing you experience in your life. It doesn't matter who you are or where you are, the law of attraction is forming your entire life experience, and this all-powerful law is doing that through your thoughts. You are the one who calls the law of attraction into action, and you do it through your thoughts."

Download link to get the Secret book PDF by Rhonda Byrne

We have seen its download links on the web. We have selected a link to share here. If the link still exists then you can download. Just visit the below link.

Today we will share the free download link of The Power PDF book by Rhonda Byrne. First published in 2010. It was the sequel to The Secret book by the same author. She is a very famous writer as well as a showbiz celebrity in Australia. She wrote many notable books. 

Download link of The Power PDF by Rhonda Byrne

Read and learn the very powerful lessons by the author. You will be motivated to do everything with your inner hidden power. Rhonda has taught everything very nicely as a reader can learn with a little effort. 

The Power PDF by Rhonda Byrne Free Ebook Dowbload

Talism Hosh Afza by Ashfaq Ahmad Free Download
Today we are sharing here a download link of another superb Urdu book of short stories. It is Talism Hosh Afza PDF By Ashfaq Ahmed. It is actually a science fiction book and contains 12 wonderful stories. The publisher was Sang-e-Meel publishers Lahore.

You might also like to read Zavia. 

طلسم ہوش افزا ایک بہترین سائنس فکشن افسانوں کی کتاب ہے اس کے مصنف محترم اشفاق احمد مرحوم ہیں اس کتاب میں بارہ عدد بہترین افسانے موجود ہیں۔  ہم نے اس کا ڈاون لوڈ لنک ڈھونڈ کر یہاں پر مہیا کیا ہے آپ اس کتاب کو ڈاون لوڈ  کر سکتے ہیں۔

Download link of Talism Hosh Afza PDF By Ashfaq Ahmed

Just click on the below link to download.

Zavia by Ashfaq Ahmed Urdu book free download
You can download Zavia PDF Urdu book all 3 parts, from this page. It is one of the most read and famous Urdu books in Pakistan. 

The Author of this remarkable book is Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed (late). He was a great highbrow, philosopher and a notable writer of our country. He was born in 1925 and he had written several outstanding books and articles. Zavia was his most popular book, in fact this work is still so popular. 

The names of his few more Urdu books are Aik Muhabbat so Afsanay, Gadariya, Tota Kahani, Baba Sahiba, band gali, Hairat kadah, Khail Tamasha and many many more. His each book gives us a lesson in each page and each paragraph.

Some more details about the Urdu book Zavia PDF by Ashfaq Ahmed

The under discussion Urdu book Zavia PDF is a huge book. It is divided into three parts. Ashfaq Ahmed had a different style of writing. He has described his life experiences, many interesting topics and readable discussions in it. People, especially youngsters should read Zavia PDF as well as his other books. It will not only give them some precious moral lessons, but also increase their knowledge.

A few years ago a TV program with the same title had been presented on Pakistan television. It was based on this book and also hosted by the author himself. This was also a very popular TV show. Ashfaq Ahmed was a very soft spoken person. He discussed a lot of interesting topics in this TV show.

Download links

Click below given links to download all three parts of this excellent literary work Zavia PDF by Ashfaq Ahmed.

...................Part  2

....................Part 3

Safar Dar Safar By Ashfaq Ahmed Free Download
Today we will share the download link of the Urdu book or Novel Safar dar Safar. The English translation of the title is Travel after Travel. This book has been written by Ashfaq Ahmed. This is yet another very interesting literary work by the Author. It is also one of the famous books in Urdu literature. The book will teach you some important lessons about the human life in a very interesting way.
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Download link of the Urdu book Safar dar Safar by Ashfaq Ahmed

There are 260 pages in the hard copy. The PDF file consists of 130 pages. While the size of the PDF file is 5.71 MB. To download it, just click on the below given link.

Khail Tamasha by Ashfaq Ahmad Urdu book free Download
Khail Tamasha is another superb Urdu book. This book is also available here for download. The author of this excellent literary work is Ashfaq Ahmed, who always wrote moral stories. He always tried to teach moral lessons to youngsters and other people. All of his work has been widely accepted and read by Urdu book lovers. 

This book has also contained some different moral stories. When a reader starts reading any of his books, he bends to read the whole book by his wonderful style of writing.

Download link to the Urdu book Khail Tamasha by Ashfaq Ahmed

To download this wonderful piece of literature in PDF, click the below link.

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